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Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapy is a proven, evidence based, conservative approach to managing incontinence and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, in many cases preventing the need for surgery.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to conditions that are unique to and more prevalent in women throughout the life span. These conditions may be more serious in women due to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause and include:

  • Bladder and bowel control problems such as incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Constipation, difficulty emptying your bowel
  • Vaginal or vulval pain (vulvodynia, vestibulodynia)
  • Pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia, vaginismus)
  • Pregnant or postnatal women with neck, back, pelvic, coccyx or wrist pain
  • Postnatal women for
    • Painful episiotomy or perineal tears
    • Weak or separated abdominal muscles
    • Mastitis
    • Bladder dysfunction
    • Advice regarding return to exercise/ pelvic floor friendly exercise
  • Women who are having or have undergone gynaecological or urological surgery
  • Peri or postmenopausal women with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

Initial appointments are one hour, to allow time to thoroughly understand and assess your problem. Subsequent appointments are a standardised ½ hour. Assessment and treatment is carried out in a private, sensitive environment as we understand that it can be difficult to talk about these problems.

Missed appointments may incur a fee as we are unable to fill these gaps with no notice and have a waiting list.

If you experience any of the above problems or are unsure if you should seek help please contact Bec at the Health Centre on (08) 9757 9090 or email bec@nullphysiomaragretriver.com.

You do not require a GP/ doctor’s referral to see Bec.