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Spinal Fitness Classes

Spinal Fitness Classes Margaret River

“If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.” – This saying can be painfully true for people with recurrent spinal pain and many related pain disorders.

Every school term for the last 12 years, Simon Lentjes (Physiotherapist) has been running Spinal Fitness Classes to provide a tailored program aimed at developing spinal strength and flexibility. The classes utilise the concepts of Pilates, Fitball, and yoga stretching principles to provide a safe and effective way of improving your individual back dysfunction.

The key message in the class is that everyone is unique and therefore so is their back problem.

The first step to fixing your back is to understand the problem. That comes in the physio rooms initially with education and training, but also during the classes where we discuss different aspects of spine biomechanics each week.

The second is to own your problem. This comes in the classes where you learn to feel the boundaries of movement and pain in order to develop strength and flexibility within your comfort zone. Only after understanding these two factors can a patient move forward and truly move well and be pain free.

To enquire about spinal fitness classes please call 08 9757 9090

About the classes

The classes usually have a Beginners class for those needing to start with the basics, and a more Advanced class for those ready to move onto more challenging techniques. So we cater for all types of injuries and capabilities.

Participants are also provided with progressive take home exercises each week to develop confidence and strength.

These classes can also be provided to businesses (ie: wineries), so staff are taught how to move efficiently, while strengthening and improving flexibility so they are ‘work ready’. This in turn may help to reduce work injuries while at work.

We also understand that motivation and compliance can be a problem and that many of our clients find it difficult to remember ‘how’ to properly perform their exercises.  To meet our patient’s needs, we have developed the Spinal Fitness Classes as a more specialised and tailored exercise resource for people suffering from musculo-skeletal pain disorders.

The classes offer a supervised small group learning environment where you can enjoy the challenge of exercising in a way that rebuilds important patterns of control, is safe for the spine and helps promote your general musculo-skeletal fitness and well being.