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Margaret River is a lifestyle town. We understand that to Live Life and enjoy the massive variety of activities on offer you want to Stay Active and Move Well. So to get you back in the game or out on the trails, give us a call to make an appointment.
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Rocktape and strapping margaret river

Restoring optimum pain free movement is one of the most important goals when rehabilitating an injury. Which is why we commonly use Rocktape on patients here in Margaret River. It does various things such as normalising muscle tone, distributing stress, delaying fatigue and decompressing swelling. But more importantly, we find it extremely beneficial as a training tool, to teach people where their body parts are, versus where they should be. This feedback is called proprioception and is basically how well you brain coordinates with your limbs. ‘Where your body is in space.’

Where necessary we are still also proficient in rigid strapping. But we’re finding this increasingly being superseded by the more dynamic styles of taping.

Times, they are a changing!